Strange Days

残念だったな ただの日記帳だ



  • Small devil scales x3
  • Small glowing arrowhead x2
  • Small gnawed bone x2
  • Small infernal chain x1
  • Small sulfurous stone x2
  • Small twisted shrapnel x2
  • Shard of power x1
  • Low energy cell x5
  • Medium devil scales x2
  • Medium glowing arrowhead x2
  • Medium gnawed bone x2
  • Medium infernal chain x2
  • Medium sulfurous stone x1
  • Medium twisted shrapnel x3
  • Shard of great power x1
  • Medium energy cell x5

  • Large devil scales x5
  • Large glowing arrowhead x4
  • Large gnawed bone x4
  • Large infernal chain x5
  • Large sulfurous stone x5
  • Large twisted shrapnel x1
  • Shard of supreme power x2
  • High energy cell x10